The truth behind cosplay, reality is always cruel

The persons who like cosplay all love the feeling that cartoon characters come out from the comic world. So, so many coser will us photoshop to make herself/himself looks better even perfect, but their faces after all are real, reality is cruel, let’s see the truth behind the cosplay!

PS correct demonstration

This left photo let us feel cool,try to change the color is will be very beautiful,Similarity is quite high, But some Coser in order to let her/his cosplay beautiful, she/he will use photoshop to beautify it.

Believe that these photos can let everybody see PS is powerful, If is general family beauty use ps, maybe it’s insignificant, nobody knows, but if is a coser, and so many people have seen the the difference between reality and photographs…

I trust, they are all in order to be perfect and express their love for the role, So they love cosplay. For higher similarity….So they PS…

But the reality is really too cruel.:(

2011 Cartoon Video Games Festival cosplay girl show

The 13th Hong Kong cartoon video games festival was hold from July 29 to August 2, in addition to many anime, video games outside the booth; the most striking must be the Cosplay Gamegirl! Now we clean up pictures of this cartoon festival, besides the reports of the cartoon festival and news about the game manufacturers, the most looking forward Cosplay girl won’t be missed.

Except the video games and anime, cosplay girl also is one of the key. Many exhibitors in order to highlight your game/product sent a variety of the game as a promotional cosplay girl. Many audiences also wearied very beautiful! Now let’s enjoy the hot cosplay girls!

Why I love Cosplay?

Today not talk about cosplay, otherwise someone said to me that was for the purpose of profit, actually I really don’t know cosplay much, just recently interested in, and my work has a little contraction with this.

To be honest, maybe the topic about cosplay is more famous in Japan; Japanese abounds in anime, in this respect our Chinese have to admit that they are smarter than us. As we have already seen quite a lot of classic cartoons, such as Doraemon, Saint, Floral fairy, Tennis boy, older played a lot of animation games after, such as The King Of Fighter, Street Fighter (I prefer to the kind of game), how to say, when I see these childhood memory again, I really want to get back to that, how innocent and carefree was that time. Then how I had the vitality, our environment, which was like how harmonious than society of cruelty right now, but I like my present job, I also like cosplay.

As you all know, this earthquake disaster in Japan is quite serious, even threatening the peripheral national security. It was really unexpected to many Japanese people, they can really experience “2012 in the end of the world” that solemn and stirring scene, but they also may have gone. As a Chinese, as a college graduate, although I wouldn’t schaden freude, and I never let the Japanese feel what reposing, after all I am also an ordinary people, the earthquake of Sichuan, we also being helpless like now, just look at the news every day, what should we do is still there, no others, continuing to repeat everyday life.

Today the weather is very good, in the early morning I see the sunshine, but I find meditating at night compares to have more artistic conception. On the other hand, the rise of temperature, may be a good omen, also hope that the earth no longer has so many disasters, at least not so frequently. In fact not just Japan, there still has a lot of local people maybe are suffering, so May god be sentimentally attached to them once, slightly be fair.

The Lonely Noodle Shop Would Be Made Live-Action Teleplay

The Lonely Noodle Shop

Masayuki Kusumi original and Taniguchi ji ro Painting gourmet comic The Lonely Noodle Shop will launch as a TV drama in spring 2012 of Tokyo Station. But in the end this work should be in the form of television series, or single set of forms is not clearly, and the list of actors is not announced. Full Details to Follow

The Lonely Noodle Shop which serialized from 1994 to 1996 in the Monthly PANJA (Fusōsha), once completed. But two years later it appeared on Weekly SPA! (Fusōsha) once again as short comics. Since that, it began to serialize in the Weekly SPA! periodically.

The story talks about the protagonist Inokashira Goro as one self-employed trader dine in restaurants in different places in his leisure time. Goro is not to patronize the local senior restaurant, but most of them are civilian consumption. The comic did not talk about the value of one dish, but simply describe the thoughts when Goro eating. No ups and downs of the story, just a flat just a touch of comic documentary. Although such a simple story, the sales are booming. Library edition has printed 21 times, total sales of more than 88,000, among them about 40% of female readers. And has been translated into Italian and French, the original author Masayuki Kusumi said in the blog, the Italian version of the sales have reached 100,000. This shows the Charming of this comic.

By the way, Masayuki Kusumi’s another gourmet original comic book become the top one in this comic is too much! 2012 list of women’s groups works. It seems the author’s extraordinary strength. The drama is also to wait.

Cost-effective Christmas Sexy Costume

sexy Christmas costumesexy Christmas costumes

I’ve been looking for sexy Christmas costumes for a long time. I will participate an adult Christmas party. It’s hard to select a right one, sexy but super cute, not so skimpy and the most important point is cheap! Most probably it will only wear on the party. My husband would love to see me in this Christmas Costume. What do you think?

I do not want any costume that would be tight and make me a little bit big as I am not tiny girl. So I guess this one would be perfect for me. It is only $21 and to be honestly I could not believe my eyes. Maybe the quality is not good but they guarantee that quality. So there was nothing for me to hesitate. I was told that I can receive this costume within 10 days. If this costume is good as they said; I will buy a lot more as all of them can arrive before Christmas.

Just wanna share this great site with you who are looking for an adult Christmas costume. Not too many Christmas costume but I bet most of you can find one that you love.

Body printing cosplay

cosplayI have been so familiar to cosplay, but is fresh to body print cosplay .After hours researching, I have get much information about body print cosplay. Maybe body print is another form of cosplay.
First, I want to say something about “cosplay” I know. Cosplay (Japanese,コスプレ),is short for “costume play”. Cosplay is one of the art performances that people dress in costume like the characters the like. Generally speaking, those characters are from manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, and hentai and fantasy movies. Cosplay is costume play; the most important thing is costume!

As to “body printing cosplay”, body painting, is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours, or at most a couple of weeks. Body painting that is limited to the face is known as face painting. Body painting is also referred to as temporary tattoo; large scale or full-body painting is more commonly referred to as body painting, while smaller or more detailed work is generally referred to as temporary tattoos.

For more body printing cosplay prices:

The Cosplay Around the World

CosplayIn Japan, Cosplay is not limited to anime/manga, but in inclusion a staple of the quantity of other enjoyment companies which consist of science fiction and horror. In North America, the phrase Cosplay is reserved for anime/manga associated costuming.

Cosplay may properly be divided into two categories: essential cosplay and Masquerade. While essential cosplay only requires a make an effort to research like a specific character, both within of the halls of the convention or on stage, Masquerade is very much a whole lot more involved. When masquerading, Cosplayers make an effort to work since the character would. They typically have ready skits with memorized lines, as well as the whole lot more state-of-the-art masquerader’s can very easily ad-lib their character’s personality.

Later on Japanese anime/manga/doujinshi convention/festival started out to spray out and getting a whole lot more well-liked all much more than Asia, very first individuals attire as very much as acquire customer’s attention. subsequent it, a whole lot more as well as a whole lot more fans experienced bundled to Cosplay, it has gets an even more even within of the doujinshi groups.

Now not just designers attire up, visitor may properly start bringing their selected character outfit and suit on them in the direction of convention or festival, it has start the cosplay culture.
Even although Cosplay experienced spray out all much more compared to world, not just in Asia, now in US, UK, and elsewhere are really popular.

Have you remember the game Street Fighter 4

Street fighterStreet fighter” is a classic game launched by Japanese CAPCOM company in 1987 , the two leading role Ryu with Ken are custom-written karate ace, together they participated in the world martial arts competition from around the world, through with nine kinds of superior showdown.

By CAPCOM responsible for developing grapple game “Street Fighter 4 ”in 2008, this will make a successful launch inherit series for traditional 2D play, and adopt the latest 3D graphics techniques, with more luxuriant way reproducing the original unique 2D drawing style.

Remembering once the arcade career, “The street fighter” is indispensable part in this missing years. In 1993, A director called jing wang in Hong Kong catered for trendy young people’s taste, the three of four major Kings in Hong Kong was invited. Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok ,Jacky cheung together to battle, starred in the movie ,adapted from street popular video game “street fighter”, named “super school bullies”, considered at the beginning of the rage, attacking campus like roll. In China, as long as the people after 80 all to miss that classical HK movies, it also the port of the classic of classics.

Cosplay and related things

cosplayCosplay costumes seem to be more important than cosplayers themselves. You must know that cosplay is a short of costume play and of course costumes are essential. People cosplay various characters from TV, films and etc.

The reality is that nobody can play the exact same characters. So after deciding what characters they will cosplay, here some things needed to be considered. Although cosplayers can’t look like exactly the characters, they can try to be similar. They can wear wigs, make up and etc. Before going for a cosplay, a cosplayer must study on the details about the plot.

Where you can get your cosplay costumes? s we know that there are too many characters that can be cosplayed and besides, different people go for different characters. No matter how professional and big a store or company would be, it can’t satisfy all the cosplayers. It must cost you a lot of time if you discover and go the real stores. The best way is that search and shop online. There are millions of costume dealers online. To find a cosplay costume is not a hard work for you if you shop online.

Dress Up As A Fairy In Halloween Party

Fairy costumes are many people’s favorite for Halloween that is not only children’s holiday anymore but also adults’. It’s not a surprise that adults would like dress up as fairies. Fathers and mothers who wear fairy costumes run one door to another just like their kids do.

Nowadays bars and nightclubs have joined the Halloween party spots and some will hold wild costume Halloween parties. If you want to join in, fairy costumes can be your great choice too. Besides there are sexy adult fairy costumes and can give you an enchanting and alluring look.

If you don’t really like the idea of donning delicate and sheer fabrics, though, you can opt for something more comfortable yet still eye-catching and different than the rest: gothic fairy costumes. These fairy costumes can bring together the classic look of a fairy with today’s modern styles like no other costumes can.

Most of our life is full of noise and modern stuffs. Fairy only appears in a tale story but now all of us can be them to recall our childhood life and purify our heart. If you have not had a try on it, you could think about it for your Halloween costume this year.