2011 Cartoon Video Games Festival cosplay girl show

The 13th Hong Kong cartoon video games festival was hold from July 29 to August 2, in addition to many anime, video games outside the booth; the most striking must be the Cosplay Gamegirl! Now we clean up pictures of this cartoon festival, besides the reports of the cartoon festival and news about the game manufacturers, the most looking forward Cosplay girl won’t be missed.

Except the video games and anime, cosplay girl also is one of the key. Many exhibitors in order to highlight your game/product sent a variety of the game as a promotional cosplay girl. Many audiences also wearied very beautiful! Now let’s enjoy the hot cosplay girls!

Why I love Cosplay?

Today not talk about cosplay, otherwise someone said to me that was for the purpose of profit, actually I really don’t know cosplay much, just recently interested in, and my work has a little contraction with this.

To be honest, maybe the topic about cosplay is more famous in Japan; Japanese abounds in anime, in this respect our Chinese have to admit that they are smarter than us. As we have already seen quite a lot of classic cartoons, such as Doraemon, Saint, Floral fairy, Tennis boy, older played a lot of animation games after, such as The King Of Fighter, Street Fighter (I prefer to the kind of game), how to say, when I see these childhood memory again, I really want to get back to that, how innocent and carefree was that time. Then how I had the vitality, our environment, which was like how harmonious than society of cruelty right now, but I like my present job, I also like cosplay.

As you all know, this earthquake disaster in Japan is quite serious, even threatening the peripheral national security. It was really unexpected to many Japanese people, they can really experience “2012 in the end of the world” that solemn and stirring scene, but they also may have gone. As a Chinese, as a college graduate, although I wouldn’t schaden freude, and I never let the Japanese feel what reposing, after all I am also an ordinary people, the earthquake of Sichuan, we also being helpless like now, just look at the news every day, what should we do is still there, no others, continuing to repeat everyday life.

Today the weather is very good, in the early morning I see the sunshine, but I find meditating at night compares to have more artistic conception. On the other hand, the rise of temperature, may be a good omen, also hope that the earth no longer has so many disasters, at least not so frequently. In fact not just Japan, there still has a lot of local people maybe are suffering, so May god be sentimentally attached to them once, slightly be fair.

Cosplay and related things

cosplayCosplay costumes seem to be more important than cosplayers themselves. You must know that cosplay is a short of costume play and of course costumes are essential. People cosplay various characters from TV, films and etc.

The reality is that nobody can play the exact same characters. So after deciding what characters they will cosplay, here some things needed to be considered. Although cosplayers can’t look like exactly the characters, they can try to be similar. They can wear wigs, make up and etc. Before going for a cosplay, a cosplayer must study on the details about the plot.

Where you can get your cosplay costumes? s we know that there are too many characters that can be cosplayed and besides, different people go for different characters. No matter how professional and big a store or company would be, it can’t satisfy all the cosplayers. It must cost you a lot of time if you discover and go the real stores. The best way is that search and shop online. There are millions of costume dealers online. To find a cosplay costume is not a hard work for you if you shop online.

Dress Up As A Fairy In Halloween Party

Fairy costumes are many people’s favorite for Halloween that is not only children’s holiday anymore but also adults’. It’s not a surprise that adults would like dress up as fairies. Fathers and mothers who wear fairy costumes run one door to another just like their kids do.

Nowadays bars and nightclubs have joined the Halloween party spots and some will hold wild costume Halloween parties. If you want to join in, fairy costumes can be your great choice too. Besides there are sexy adult fairy costumes and can give you an enchanting and alluring look.

If you don’t really like the idea of donning delicate and sheer fabrics, though, you can opt for something more comfortable yet still eye-catching and different than the rest: gothic fairy costumes. These fairy costumes can bring together the classic look of a fairy with today’s modern styles like no other costumes can.

Most of our life is full of noise and modern stuffs. Fairy only appears in a tale story but now all of us can be them to recall our childhood life and purify our heart. If you have not had a try on it, you could think about it for your Halloween costume this year.

6 most popular bleach cosplay costume for Halloween

bleach cosplayBleach cosplay

Bleach cosplay is always a good activity in Halloween, in this year of Halloween, will you plan to take part in bleach cosplay? These 6 Bleach cosplay costume are the most popular around the world. If you are  a bleach lover, you may be interested in it. Here I will recommend these 6 costumes to you! Hoping you will like them!

NO 1: Bleach The Sexta Espada Luppi Cosplay Costume

This costume is designed for Sexta Espada Luppi. It comes with jacket, belt, hakama. You must be the same as The Sexta Espada Luppi in this Bleach cosplay costume for cosplay show.

NO 2: Bleach Tousen Kaname Hollow Form Cosplay Costume

Tousen Kaname cosplay costume comes with overcoat, gloves, and mask. Make you the same as Tousen Kaname in this Bleach cosplay costume for cosplay show.

NO 3: Bleach Isshin Kurosaki Halloween Cosplay Costume

Isshin Kurosaki costume comes with belt, kimono, and hakama. Make you the same as Isshin Kurosaki in this Bleach cosplay costume for cosplay show.

NO 4: Bleach Halibel Cosplay Costume

This Halibel costume comes with jacket,half length skirt, shoes gover, gloves and others. Make you the same as Halibel in this Bleach cosplay costume for cosplay show.

NO 5: Bleach Cosplay Costume

It comes with jacket, trousers and belt. It will make you the same as the character in this Bleach cosplay costume for cosplay show.

NO 6: Bleach Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Pantera Form Cosplay Costume

This costume is designed for Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Pantera .

Certainly, there are many other costumes for bleach characters .If you don’t like these 6 costumes,

Anime costumes will never walk away from the reality show stage

Nowadays, costume preserve out has turn in to some type of traditional proficiency artwork that goes on getting nicely accepted by people nowadays in distinctive ages. It offers people nowadays possibilities to know-how distinctive lifestyle. With odd clothing, shoes and hairstyle, participants generally excite their mood and get satisfaction from themselves. Merely because people nowadays residing in current morning era often glance forward to producing some variations within their life, they do uncover different gratifying although impersonating some fictional roles with particular outfits. If a pair of cozy shoes is generally a spirit mate for people nowadays in freezing season, the superb joy gotten from an anime actuality show ought getting an fascinating toner for current people’s life.
Trend tends to create impression on practically just about every place within our life. Using the anime actuality show stage, tides will often be triggered and weeded out through the frequent rhythm. Some outfits stroll out from people starts looking at shortly perfect quickly after hitting the shelves. But some costumes turn into evergreen forces within your anime costume industry. Final Fantasy anime fits are specifically merchandise which may be influential for every much more mature and very much more youthful anime lovers. Quite very a few producers do have realized the everlasting appeal on these articles. Thus, a undoubtedly large quantity of outfits are supplied with probably the most latest market. People nowadays who are fond within inside the queer and fascinating Final Fantasy world get odds to provide their favored anime characters to actuality now.

More than just one hundred roles construct the superb Final Fantasy world. But certainly, only very a few roles draw most consciousness through the quantity of cases. Amid those people nowadays well-known characters, Snow stands out and often appears on current actuality shows.

Displaying the crowd a instead masculine look, Snow is loved by most youthful guys merely as a carry out result of his rash nevertheless candid personality. He can run at complete pace although carrying a person. However, merely as a carry out result of toward the ill-considered characteristic, Snow often tends to create his near to near friends perplexed. But fortunately, the frank character generally assists him refrain from misunderstanding. He exhibits no fear, which undoubtedly obtains an extremely important concentrate on using the actuality why so quite very a few youthful guys fall in deep adore with imitating this awesome role.

Are you the OTAKU? Part Ⅰ

How could be called as OTAKU? The OTAKING Toshio OKADA have been list some conditions, but these conditions are not very clearly. What means very sensitive to the image? And some people who is more familiar with the knowledge of cartoon but him may could not be called the OTAKU? And some people who were be identified OTAKU usually disprove, they just the professional comic fan. So some people clear up a funny questionnaire to test if you are the OTAKU.

This questionnaire including three parts: consumption, behaviour, skill.


1. More than 300 cartoon book.

2. Half of them are the Japanese version.

3. Half or more books were not push other versions.

4. The complete sets are ten or more.

5. Over one sets are the plurilingual versions.

6. Over one sets have the other versions, such as the old version or the hardback edition.

7. Your friends did not know the one third of your cartoon book.

8. Have the habit of renting books.

9. More than 3 books per once.

10. Have the habit to go to the comic teahouse, go there more than once a week, and each time leave for half an hour or more.

11. Purchase one or more your verson comic books per weeks, and the habit at least last one year.

12. Purchase one or more Japanese verson comic books per weeks, and the habit at least last one year.

13. Purchase one or more Japanese comic news magazines per weeks, and the habit at least last one year.

14. Purchase one or more comic news magazines per weeks, and the habit at least last one year.

15. Have 20 or more books about the cartoon language, such as the Introductory OTAKU, Osamu tezuka adventure.

16. Have 30 or more comic albums or the relevant data.

17. The most expensive of the alums over JPY5000, and more than one.

18. Have 30 or more Japanese Doujinshi.

19. Have more than 40 novels related to the comics.

20. Have more than 100 films and TV games related to the comics.

21. And half of them are the genuine games.

22. Have more than 10 sets of comic LD, DVD or videotapes.

23. Have more than 30 Relevant comics figurines, Figure.

24. Have 30 or more comics game records.

25. More than 30 ACG poster.

26. These collection are in a good condition.

27. More than 50 Relevant models.

28. More than half of the models are related to the comics, such as Gundam.

29. Purchase one or more model magazines per weeks, and the habit at least last one year.

30. One third of your Monthly Income are used for purchasing the mentioned commodities, even indebted for them.

31. Go Japan to shopping per 2 years averagely.

32. The cost of purchase ACG Products more than half of the total travelling expense.

News:MCM Expo London 2011 cosplay

James Furnell, one of the organizers of the MCM Expo said, cosplay is more popular than ever.

In the past, kitting yourself out as your favorite fictional character was the preserve of fancy-dress competitions at sci-fi conventions, where the most breathtaking sight was someone with particularly convincing Spock ears.

These days, thanks to the growing popularity of Japanese manga and anime, things are bordering on professional. The man in the Iron Man armour made the whole thing himself and even installed a built-in fan to keep him cool.

Fans of anime and manga try their best to recreate the costumes of their favorite characters.

Funnel has been cosplaying for 11 years. He saw people dressing up as characters at manga conventions and decided to do it himself. Soon he was making ambitious costumes, including an enormous and highly detailed Optimus Prime from Transformers.  He is regarded as one of the best cosplayers in the country and is running today’s competition while wearing his own Thor costume.

Whilst cosplay may not be everyone’s cup of tea there is a vast amount of skill and attention to detail on display

‘The expo’s masquerade is one of the few which judges people properly on their costume and gives them something to aim for,’ he says. ‘People weren’t pushing themselves and over the past two years we’ve seen a real improvement in standards.’ Furnell enjoys the problem-solving aspect of cosplay. ‘Bringing something to life that’s only been designed as a 2D drawing or in CGI is really rewarding,’ he says.

For others, such as cosplay newcomer Jenny Rundle, 20, who is today dressed as Winry Rockbell from Japanese manga series Fullmetal Alchemist, the appeal is more social. ‘I’ve only been coming to these events for a year,’ she says, ‘but I’ve already made lots of new friends. When you see people dressed as characters from the sort of manga you like, you know you’ve got something in common straight away.’

Rundle isn’t allowed to take part in today’s competition as her outfit has been assembled from clothes she bought in high-street shops (except her scythe, which is made from a curtain pole and cardboard). However, she is planning to make her own in future.

The London MCM Expo takes place ahead of the EuroCosplay Championships in London in October

Dressing up as fantasy characters may not be everyone’s ideal way to spend a weekend but you cannot fail to be impressed by the enthusiasm and skill on display.

What is COSPLAY?


COSPLAY ,which is short for “costume play” is originated in Japan(there is another saying that cosplay is originated in United State).It is a type of performance art in which people wear costumes and accessories to represent their favorite character or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan, but recent trends have included American cartoons and Sci-Fi. Favorite sources include manga, anime, tokusatsu, comic books, graphic novels, video games, hentai and fantasy movies. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. Inanimate objects are given anthropomorphic forms and it is not unusual to see genders switched, with women playing male roles and vice versa.



The persons who wear costume to represent character are called COSPLAYER,such as Huangshan, a famous Chinese cosplayer. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play. A broader use of the term cosplay applies it to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context.

Cosplay Costume

The costume cosplayers wear we call cosplay costume .The object of cosplay is interpretation: one attempt to become one’s character much as a stage actor inhabits a role. Cosplay costumes are expected to adhere meticulously to the attire known to be worn by the character represented. Cosplay costumes are unlike this daily life clothing, they are made as the origin characters in anime or manga.

What does cosplay mean to you?

Just now, I saw a article “What does it mean to cosplay? Reflections on a weekend at Star Fest” by Thorin Klosowski .It appealed to me!

This below is taken from his article:

“People were decked out in all types of outfits, but no matter what you might think, their reasons weren’t always the same, nor were the results.
To the general observer, there are two different types of cosplayers: those who dress as a character and those who dress as a part of the universe. This doesn’t seem like much of a difference, and to most people looking in from the outside; it seems like adults dressing like kids on Halloween. But that difference is crucial, both in the way the cosplayers present themselves and how they view their cosplay costume. Two girls both dressed as videogame characters, both passionate about what they’re doing, but not obsessed. Why are they dressed up? Both pretty much gave the same response — “because I like the character design.” No deep-seated emotional problems and weirdness, just two people who enjoy the one to two weeks of preparation for a day out at a convention showing off their work.”

Yes, different style cosplayers present different by cosplay the same character for different objective. Now I understand, cosplay is not just only cosplay, it present you, isn’t it? Different cosplay costume present different results!