2011 Cartoon Video Games Festival cosplay girl show

The 13th Hong Kong cartoon video games festival was hold from July 29 to August 2, in addition to many anime, video games outside the booth; the most striking must be the Cosplay Gamegirl! Now we clean up pictures of this cartoon festival, besides the reports of the cartoon festival and news about the game manufacturers, the most looking forward Cosplay girl won’t be missed.

Except the video games and anime, cosplay girl also is one of the key. Many exhibitors in order to highlight your game/product sent a variety of the game as a promotional cosplay girl. Many audiences also wearied very beautiful! Now let’s enjoy the hot cosplay girls!

Cost-effective Christmas Sexy Costume

sexy Christmas costumesexy Christmas costumes

I’ve been looking for sexy Christmas costumes for a long time. I will participate an adult Christmas party. It’s hard to select a right one, sexy but super cute, not so skimpy and the most important point is cheap! Most probably it will only wear on the party. My husband would love to see me in this Christmas Costume. What do you think?

I do not want any costume that would be tight and make me a little bit big as I am not tiny girl. So I guess this one would be perfect for me. It is only $21 and to be honestly I could not believe my eyes. Maybe the quality is not good but they guarantee that quality. So there was nothing for me to hesitate. I was told that I can receive this costume within 10 days. If this costume is good as they said; I will buy a lot more as all of them can arrive before Christmas.

Just wanna share this great site with you who are looking for an adult Christmas costume. Not too many Christmas costume but I bet most of you can find one that you love.