Ghost in the Shell theatre version win the Interational 3D awards

International 3D awards 2011 Lumiere Japan was hold by the international 3D institute Japan branch on 20th October. This award have chosen excellent 3D views of this year, including 2 animations, Ghost in the Shell of film part and Hipira Kun of television part.

International 3D awards 2011 Lumiere Japan have twelve departments, and it was hold by the members of 3D institute Japan branch which was build just now, and they combine the AV reviewers choose the excellent works and commend of all the enlisted works. This year is the first time.

Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C SOLID STATE SOCIETY 3D as the new works of Ghost in the Shell is the first 3D film of this serious, it is much-anticipated. And the enlist works of the film department which Ghost in the Shell belong to not only have the animation films, but also including the live-action films. This award showed the feasibility of 3D video in Japan. Among all the global 3D films, this work also has some superiority. The effect of 3D film and live-action film are different, they have their own characteristics. Producers make the traditional 2D video three-dimensional, and built a wonderful computer virtual space, it make the video image mix the exquisite character of Asian Plane painting and the texture of west scenography. 009 RE: CYBORG witch is directed by Kenji Kamiyama also adopts this method, and hope that Japanese film could get rid of the predicament of absence of 3D videos.

On the other hand, the television animation Hipira Kun could said be the precursor of Japanese 3D animations, it build the unique Japanese video style which combine the 3D roles and hand drawing background. It also built one different development direction of Ghost in the Shell.

With the increasing of 3D videos background, the International 3D institute Japan branch has found this year, the aim is to promote the development and popularity of 3D videos. Sony, Panasonic and some Image makers have become its member.