The Lonely Noodle Shop Would Be Made Live-Action Teleplay

The Lonely Noodle Shop

Masayuki Kusumi original and Taniguchi ji ro Painting gourmet comic The Lonely Noodle Shop will launch as a TV drama in spring 2012 of Tokyo Station. But in the end this work should be in the form of television series, or single set of forms is not clearly, and the list of actors is not announced. Full Details to Follow

The Lonely Noodle Shop which serialized from 1994 to 1996 in the Monthly PANJA (Fusōsha), once completed. But two years later it appeared on Weekly SPA! (Fusōsha) once again as short comics. Since that, it began to serialize in the Weekly SPA! periodically.

The story talks about the protagonist Inokashira Goro as one self-employed trader dine in restaurants in different places in his leisure time. Goro is not to patronize the local senior restaurant, but most of them are civilian consumption. The comic did not talk about the value of one dish, but simply describe the thoughts when Goro eating. No ups and downs of the story, just a flat just a touch of comic documentary. Although such a simple story, the sales are booming. Library edition has printed 21 times, total sales of more than 88,000, among them about 40% of female readers. And has been translated into Italian and French, the original author Masayuki Kusumi said in the blog, the Italian version of the sales have reached 100,000. This shows the Charming of this comic.

By the way, Masayuki Kusumi’s another gourmet original comic book become the top one in this comic is too much! 2012 list of women’s groups works. It seems the author’s extraordinary strength. The drama is also to wait.