Why I love Cosplay?

Today not talk about cosplay, otherwise someone said to me that was for the purpose of profit, actually I really don’t know cosplay much, just recently interested in, and my work has a little contraction with this.

To be honest, maybe the topic about cosplay is more famous in Japan; Japanese abounds in anime, in this respect our Chinese have to admit that they are smarter than us. As we have already seen quite a lot of classic cartoons, such as Doraemon, Saint, Floral fairy, Tennis boy, older played a lot of animation games after, such as The King Of Fighter, Street Fighter (I prefer to the kind of game), how to say, when I see these childhood memory again, I really want to get back to that, how innocent and carefree was that time. Then how I had the vitality, our environment, which was like how harmonious than society of cruelty right now, but I like my present job, I also like cosplay.

As you all know, this earthquake disaster in Japan is quite serious, even threatening the peripheral national security. It was really unexpected to many Japanese people, they can really experience “2012 in the end of the world” that solemn and stirring scene, but they also may have gone. As a Chinese, as a college graduate, although I wouldn’t schaden freude, and I never let the Japanese feel what reposing, after all I am also an ordinary people, the earthquake of Sichuan, we also being helpless like now, just look at the news every day, what should we do is still there, no others, continuing to repeat everyday life.

Today the weather is very good, in the early morning I see the sunshine, but I find meditating at night compares to have more artistic conception. On the other hand, the rise of temperature, may be a good omen, also hope that the earth no longer has so many disasters, at least not so frequently. In fact not just Japan, there still has a lot of local people maybe are suffering, so May god be sentimentally attached to them once, slightly be fair.