The truth behind cosplay, reality is always cruel

The persons who like cosplay all love the feeling that cartoon characters come out from the comic world. So, so many coser will us photoshop to make herself/himself looks better even perfect, but their faces after all are real, reality is cruel, let’s see the truth behind the cosplay!

PS correct demonstration

This left photo let us feel cool,try to change the color is will be very beautiful,Similarity is quite high, But some Coser in order to let her/his cosplay beautiful, she/he will use photoshop to beautify it.

Believe that these photos can let everybody see PS is powerful, If is general family beauty use ps, maybe it’s insignificant, nobody knows, but if is a coser, and so many people have seen the the difference between reality and photographs…

I trust, they are all in order to be perfect and express their love for the role, So they love cosplay. For higher similarity….So they PS…

But the reality is really too cruel.:(

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