Troubls of A Cosplay Fan

^. ^ I’m so happy that I had a good time yesterday. I slept to the noon, then got up to clean up my bedroom. After I washed my dirty garments, I began to cook for myself. Everything went so smoothly that I am pleased to surf online. When I just planned to play a game, one of my friends complained that his mother asked him to study a major about economics in Japan. To tell the truth, I am surprised to the decision of his mother.

Firstly, I simply introduce my friend. He and I learned in a same grade and major in a same school, but in a different class. We often had public classes together, so we gradually knew each other. Before I knew more about him, I thought he is boy who is silent, having no more words. With the time flying, we became friends. I just knew he likes talking and he often talked cartoon with me. Even if I likes watching cartoon, I also knew little about what he told me at that time. He really loves cartoon, and often draws some cartoon characters in spare time. Those characters designed by him are really good and beautiful. Oh, I forget to tell one thing that our major have little connection with cartoon, what he can mostly study himself.

He is the one who let me really start to know cosplay. Cosplay is short for “costume play” and becomes a type of performance art now. Participants swear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are usually derived from popular fiction, animations or cartoons, even films. Favorite sources include anime, mange, comic books, tokusatsu, vedio games, tokusatsu, graphic novels, hentai and interesting movies. Any entity from virtual or real world which lends itself to dramatic interpretation can be regarded as a subject. Inanimate objects are given anthropomorphic forms and it is not usual to see sends switched, with females paying male roles.

Cosplay is very interesting for many cosplay fans. Some person who loves cosplay forms a team to do cosplay. Sometimes stage properties may buy from shops sale cosplay stuff. But they often make what they need themselves for they are unsatisfied with buying ones. My friend doesn’t take in cosplay now. He often goes to watch cosplay completions. There are big matches in many places every year. As long as he has time and enough money, he will go to see. He had ever told me that he wants to be a good cartoon maker in the future, so he persuaded his mother to let him go Japan, not France.

His mother originally planned to send him to France after shecame back from France. He went to learn French for a few months following his mother’s words. He found it’s so difficult for him to learn French and he didn’t know what he could do in France at all. He closed to talk with his mother after thinking deeply. His mother finally agreed with him, permitting him to learn Japanese. He felt so happy when we would graduate. He thought he could went to Japan to learn cartoon, so he started to plan his life in Japan. However, his mother requires him to learn economics now.

I can understand his troubles. Firstly, he doesn’t like this major. Secondly, he will encounter many difficulties in learning this major. What we studied in college isn’t linked to economics. In my view, he at least needs to study math if he really learn economics, nevertheless, he cannot make it. His math is worse than me.

He doesn’t how to choose at present. He knows whatever his mother does, she all wants him to be better, but he really doesn’t like economics. He still hopes he can make a cartoon which is popular around the world and some cosplay fans can play the roles in his cartoon.

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